Business not growing? We have the solution; Marketing.

Are you aware of the needs of your customers? Do you believe that the consumer has faith in your product? How well is your product doing in the market? Is launching a quality product enough? Is your Buisness not growing?

Let me tell you something, the answer to these lies in marketing. In this article we will talk about how you can grow your business through marketing. This article will be useful to entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, professionals, and students.

It is important to understand that marketing plays a significant role in successful selling of any product. Marketing begins even before a product is created as consumer needs have to be kept in mind, marketing exists while product is in the market and even after the product is sold, so that the consumer comes back to you in the future.

The message about your product should reach the consumer at the right place and right time. It is important for a Buisness to keep their customers engaged, keep it interesting and time worthy.

Once you market a product, it will come under the public eye, a consumer might want to try your product and if they are pleased with the quality and service of your product, they will spread the word which will increase your sales. This is something I have personally experienced and I am sure most of you must have as well. Haven't we all bought or used a product and then recommended it to a friend? I recommended the Digital Deepak Internship Program to my friends and family.

To be successful, your focus should be on one product so that a brand name and position is established in the consumers mind. Once your position is established, you can then expand your business to other products, for example, Manish Malhotra started with designing and making clothes but has now expanded to jewellery and cosmetics.

There is no telling if traditional marketing is better or digital marketing. Traditional marketing which includes TV ads, flyers and other print media is used for a generic product which has a large target audience, for example toothpaste. Whereas digital marketing is used for targeted audience, a benefit of digital marketing is that it offers a higher level of engagement and direct communication with their consumers, so choose your marketing option wisely.

One very good method to grow business is through CATT Marketing Funnel,

Here, (n) is niche: choose a narrow/specific topic, success will depend on that.

C is Content: create content that will attract and influence consumers to buy your product, this can be done through live webinars, blogs, photo posts, etc.

A is Attention: by using tools like SEO, Paid Ads, social media and website, drive attention (traffic) to your product.

T is Trust: build a good relationship with your consumers through repetitive engagement, and social proof (feedbacks) so that they trust your brand.

T is Transaction: turn your leads into consumers, offer attractive offers and watch your sales increase.

To market your product use integrated marketing technique, this is basically an integration of all the marketing tools like SEO, email marketing, paid advertisement and content marketing, all these tools are dependent on each other and by using each segment’s channel and approaches, we deliver a smooth and satisfying customer service.

Always remember that it’s not important to be only skilled in something, people should know that you are good at that only then will you be hired for it, otherwise there might be other’s whose product is not as good as yours but because they are well known they will have higher number of sales, for example Parachute, which is doing exceptionally good because it is so well marketed and Tulsi oils (local pure oil brand), doesn’t have much sales as not everyone knows about it. Build a relation with your consumer on a personal basis and not on the name of a brand.

To improve personal branding, evolution and change is required; keep working on learning new skills or expertise, learning new things is the most important aspect of growth.

The mass trust blueprint gives steps to growth of personal branding:

1. Begin by learning a new set of abilities.

2. Put it into practise by working as an employee or freelancer in the real world. Applying what you’ve learned leads to practical knowledge.

3. Write a blog post on your experiences. Writing reinforces learning and helps in the development of your personal brand.

4. Provide consultation in chosen field and be paid to advise based on your skills and opinions.

5. Work on building your own start up and help it achieve great heights.

Market dominance is the only method to achieve a strategic advantage over your competitors. When marketing against a competitor, you don’t have to be negative or disrespectful. Simply perform market research to determine what your targeted audience expects, and then devise strategies to provide superior products or services. If you’re selling a brand-new product or service, you’ll need to be more persistent.

I hope I have answered some of your questions, please leave your questions and feedbacks in the comment section. And do let me know if you want more such blogs.

Thank you for reading!!