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Are you aware of the needs of your customers? Do you believe that the consumer has faith in your product? How well is your product doing in the market? Is launching a quality product enough? Is your Buisness not growing?

Let me tell you something, the answer to these lies in marketing. In this article we will talk about how you can grow your business through marketing. This article will be useful to entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, professionals, and students.

It is important to understand that marketing plays a significant role in successful selling of any product. Marketing begins even before…

A woman who believes in hard work and skill more than destiny, let’s take a look into the life of Sejal Agrawal; a successful entrepreneur and psychologist. Known to be dedicated and consistent towards her work, she commands every room that she walks in. She is a voracious reader, her curiosity to learn and experiment new things makes people in awe of her.

Over the years Sejal has successfully changed the way mental health issues are treated, her website is known worldwide for the in-depth change it can bring in an individual. She also owns a clinic and is one…


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